The maze runner #1

Hey guys!!

This is the first chapter of my first ever fanfiction!!! It is based on The Maze Runner. Even if you have not read the books or seen the movie, you will quite enjoy reading it. But i suggest you to at least see the movie or read the first book, as that will make you understand my fanfic even more.

so here i give you, THE MAZE RUNNER. Enjoy. 😉


Chapter 1

Cold. Dark. Metal. She began her new life standing up in some sort of cold dark metal box. She stared at the darkness, trying to recall what had cost her to land up here. But, she couldn’t. Why can’t she? She thought with panic, who am I? Where am I? Why am I trapped in some sort of box??Why can’t I remember anything?!?!?

 She started screaming out loud, hoping someone would hear her and get her out of here,” Help! Help! Please, help!!! I’m stuck in a box!!! HELP!!!! She was on the verge of tears and out of nowhere, she thought,” My name is Ivy.” That’s it. Nothing else to let her know who she was or is.

Suddenly, the box thing started to move and made her land on the floor, and she groaned. Her hands fell upon some pile of clothes and adjusted it to make a pillow. And then, she laid down and sealed herself into the world of darkness.



After an hour or so, Ivy woke up from her deep slumber and realized that she still was in the box and screamed for all she could, her voice cracking as she started to cry.

“Please someone help me!!! I’m begging you!!! I’ll do anything, just let me out of here!!!!”

Then she hugged her knees to her chest and silently started to cry. After a minute, she heard a loud clank and looked up to see a thin line of light on the ceiling expanding ever so slowly. Ivy quickly wiped her tears away, figured that she might look stupid if people were there above.

After the ceiling was completely opened, she squinted her eyes to adjust the sudden wave of brightness and saw the strange human-like figures above her.

They all started to talk at once and fear squeezed her.

“What the klunk! Is that what I think it is??”

“It’s a girl”

“Welcome to downright klunk, greenie”

“What the shuck?!?”

“Its smells like klunk down there!!”

Ivy was hit with the pang of confusion, hints of fear here and there. The voices were quite odd with different accents, some echoing. She was familiar with the words they spoke but some were downright weird. If it was possible, she squinted her eyes even more and then, she saw people bending over the box, staring at her.

And as if something clicked inside her to focus her eyesight, she could see their faces. Boys. Younger and older boys. All of them. Most of her fear had melted away after realizing they were just teenagers. Probably and hopefully, not have any intention to hurt her.

Someone lowered down a rope. She stared at it for a minute, deciding whether to trust them or not. She decided to trust them for the time being. She stepped on the huge knot with her right foot and held on to the rope tightly. She left her left foot in the air while she was yanked up towards the ground above. Hands pulled her shirt and jeans and made her stand on the ground overlooking the box.

The chorus of voices grew silent and started at her with confused faces. Ivy felt she could cry, scream or even throw up any minute. Then, someone tapped at her shoulder and she turned back to look at a dark skinned guy who said the words she would thereby never forget.

“Nice to meet ya, shank.” he said. “Welcome to the glade, greenie.”



Ta-da! That is the first chapter. Chapter 2 will be posted in a few days. Hope you enjoy my fanfic.




There’s a change in plans

Hey guys!

Remember the time when I said that I will start writing a story? Well, I have changed my mind to write a fanfic on The maze runner. (squeee!!!) It will take place in the normal setting of the first book. I’m sure you guy will enjoy it as much as I did!



random story#1

“Hey guys! Remember when I said that I might write random short stories from time to time? Well, I have decided that I will write a scenario suggested by my mom.(I just asked my mom to give me a random line to start the scenario.)

Here it goes! Hope you all enjoy!:

The dark clouds rumbled as I heard Scarlet muttering loudly under her breath under the pile of clothes. “Scar. You have to calm down. There’s no way that vampire-dude is going to leave us alone if you mutter the spell out loud!”, I said to her or rather said it from my head. I heard Scarlett lowering her voice a bit to an almost eerie whisper. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened slowly with a creak. After I changed my left eye into a living x-ray, I recognized the vampire who threatened me like a few hours before for my mother’s lifetime supply of her spells which has been given to my elder sister, Scarlet and me through a special tattoo which supplies half of our powers which enables us to do a gazillion number of things. We are pretty much really lucky to have that sort of power but also a bit scared for if those spells got released or was transmitted to another race, it would be the end of the wizards and witches.

And so, we were protected by a secret shield which shielded our mansion. But this random dude, somehow disabled the shield and either killed or made our guards to sleep for a very long time. The vampire was slowly rummaging around Scar’s and my bedroom, searching everywhere except the wardrobe which was cleverly hidden in the shadows casted by me. Then, I saw his eyes gleaming in a bright shade of red towards our direction. Walking slowly towards the wardrobe, he conjured up fire hovering over his left palm. Great. He’s a magical vampire. Just great. “Any second now!!”, I mentally said. Scarlett looked like she’d finish the spell any minute now, and then, That idiot vampire opened the wardrobe and hissed.

Thank you guys so much for reading! If you’d like me to continue with this or like give your opinions on my first ever random story scenario, comment!

Until the next post, Sayonara!!,

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Hey guys! The announcement I want to announce you guys is that I’m starting a new series of stories (which I’ve not decided a title on) revolving a 15 year old girl who attends an all girls boarding school and on a not-so-normal day, gets the surprise of her life. I might publish it this coming December.

All fingers crossed!

The roybel (aka. Nikita315)

Top six people and stuff I can’t live without!

Hello friends, its the Roybel!

Sorry I was not updating my blog regularly for a while because I’m really busy with school now and I am supposed to stay after school every school day and a few Saturdays because our school is doing a concert- actually and adaption on the musical “Matilda”. It was actually scheduled on the last 3 days of school in December but now, its for Jan 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th (I guess) and we are selling tickets for 9 shows. I’M SO EXCITED!! I’m in the choir and Matilda is being played by a sixth grader (she looks too young to be in sixth grade in my opinion- looks like a fourth grader in my opinion). Most of the roles are by 4th,5th and maybe 6th graders and all the adult roles are played by 11th graders.


So, back to the post, here are “The list of top six people and stuff  I can’t live without!” (Besides God)

1. Family:

When I’m referring to family, I mean the w-h-o-l-e family tree. I really can’t live without them. They have always been with me, supported me and encouraged through out my life from the day I took my first breath to every word I type in this post!



2. My friends:

As you all know, life isn’t complete without friends. My (really close) friends has always been there for me, been weird with, been there through my darkest times and has live and living out adventures with me(and also beared with my fangirl moments) (To my closest friends)If you are reading this, remember that I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! XOXO  (^O^)



3. Food:

(I’m actually eating popcorn now) Let’s be realistic here, food is the reason why we are still alive!! I’m mean like food is sorta my life! And the best part, it doesn’t judge you!!! Sometimes, I eat food when I’m bored!(Please tell I’m not the only one!)

images (1)


4. Music:

I mean seriously, without music, life would be either boring or a mistake. I am always a mood for music. Music always has lifted my moods to happy ones, always! Whenever I’m angry in the car or just plain bored or sad, my parents will always either tune in my favorite radio station or play songs on their phones. (I love them)

music 2 music 3 music


5. fictional books:

One thing is that whenever I read a fictional book, I feel like I just unlocked a door to a new, wonderful world. Books make me so happy and yes, I don’t care of what the people think of me when I say that I am a bookworm.


comment if you recognize all the characters! (i did)

6. You dear readers:

I mean come on!- without your support, I wouldn’t be continuing this blog at all! I thank you all for being with me here and if you are new, thank you so much for devoting your time into reading this, I REALLY AM!

thxSO, That’s it for today’s post. Thank you so much for reading and if you don’t mind, comment!

Get ready for some surprises coming this year!(hopefully)

Until the next post, Sayonara!

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introducing HAIKYUU!

Hey guys! This is the roybel typing on her laptop…. not a good way to start a post… anyways, if you are wondering what the heck is Haikyuu? (or fangirling or fanboying (don’t know if that’s a real word)

Haikyuu is Shoen anime. Shoen anime means anime whose topic is mainly targeted to boys. Shojo anime is the feminine counterpart of Shoen anime. but that doesn’t mean either both genders can’t check out Shojo and Shoen anime.

So, haikyuu is about a normal short guy called Hinata with extra-ordinary dreams of making it big like his volleyball idol ‘Little giant”.


From the left : (he must be short) Nishinoya, Tsukishima, Yamagauchi, Tanaka, Hinata, Kageyama, Sugawara, Asahi, Daichi

If you like volleyball and comedy, this is your ideal anime! I’m currently in the 12th episode of the first season. There are two seasons with the second season still airing. You can either watch it in eng sub or eng dubbed.( I like watching eng sub)

Here is the official trailer of the first season:

This is actually the theme song but without the Japanese credits.

I hope you enjoy watching this anime as much as I do!(you’re welcome)

Until the next post, Sayonara!

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Discussion#1: Gender equality



Hey you lovely people out there! Today is blog action day! I don’t know if its only for those who have registered for the edublogs challenge and all but i still wanted to do it. For those who dont know, Blog action day is the day when like gazillions of bloggers all over the world blog about a same topic. So, I have a lot ( and i mean a lot) to write about.I thought about writing about gender equality because i have . This year’s theme is ‘Raise your voice’. So, today im going to blog about some issues which have really have an effect on me.

We will overcome silence with our words and actions. We will share their stories. We will fight for those whose voice has been silenced.

(i like that ^) So. my first topic is Gender equality.

Before i start, i want to share some few videos which clearly tells us whats happening around the world on the basis of gender equality.

This video talks about some examples/cliches of genders like Boys don’t cry, Girls can’t fight, or boys are gross,etc… they all are sexist!!

This is like a woman empowerment vid. I want to tell you guys about my homeland,India. Here, i think that gender inequality is at its worse here.Many girls are forced to stop their education and learn to do household chores and get ready for marriage sometimes at a young age. I’m really  fortunate that i have the rights for education, a proper shelter , and  not having such unfortunate fates like them. So, i want you guys to spread about gender equality. These cases not only happen in India but also in many other parts of the world.

You might have heard of wage gaps between men and women, education and employment gaps between both the genders. Some huge problems of the world is caused because of gender inequality. I’M NOT BLAMING ON MEN OF GENDER INEQUALITY. THIS ISSUE IS HAPPENING BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE  HAVE DIFFERENT MINDSETS AND TRADITIONS WHICH ARE SEXIST TO BOTH GENDERS.

I hope that you all know that this whole post is filled with an opinions of a girl with a huge ambition to change the world. I hope that you have all understood about how important gender equality is.

– The roybel

I’m back !!!





Hey guys!!! As you can see, I’m back!!! I missed posting posts so much!!! So, I was thinking that maybe I could start off this post by announcing that I might stop writing twisted stories (I’ll reveal why a little bit later) and start posting random short stories based on topics which my friends suggested or suggested by you!! I was also thinking a little while later i’d provide recipes under the category DIYS and recipes.

Until the next post, sayanora !!

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sorry!!!! :(

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I couldn’t update my blog as my term 1 exams are like next week and I’ve been preparing and also getting ready for school 🙁 .After the exams, i’ll surely  update a lot more often in this blog. Anyways, I did get a lot of ideas for my next few posts so, be prepared !!!! 😀

Once again, sorry guys !!!!

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so relatable

so relatable XD

what’s your elemental power ??

ohhhh !!!

what elemental power do you have?? FIND OUT !! i think im water …

the link :

my result :


Your Elemental Power is Water! You are kind, caring and have a bubbly personality! Whether you mean to or not, you draw people close to you with your smile.

YAY ! Find yours !!!

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