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Hey you lovely people out there! Today is blog action day! I don’t know if its only for those who have registered for the edublogs challenge and all but i still wanted to do it. For those who dont know, Blog action day is the day when like gazillions of bloggers all over the world blog about a same topic. So, I have a lot ( and i mean a lot) to write about.I thought about writing about gender equality because i have . This year’s theme is ‘Raise your voice’. So, today im going to blog about some issues which have really have an effect on me.

We will overcome silence with our words and actions. We will share their stories. We will fight for those whose voice has been silenced.

(i like that ^) So. my first topic is Gender equality.

Before i start, i want to share some few videos which clearly tells us whats happening around the world on the basis of gender equality.

This video talks about some examples/cliches of genders like Boys don’t cry, Girls can’t fight, or boys are gross,etc… they all are sexist!!

This is like a woman empowerment vid. I want to tell you guys about my homeland,India. Here, i think that gender inequality is at its worse here.Many girls are forced to stop their education and learn to do household chores and get ready for marriage sometimes at a young age. I’m really  fortunate that i have the rights for education, a proper shelter , and  not having such unfortunate fates like them. So, i want you guys to spread about gender equality. These cases not only happen in India but also in many other parts of the world.

You might have heard of wage gaps between men and women, education and employment gaps between both the genders. Some huge problems of the world is caused because of gender inequality. I’M NOT BLAMING ON MEN OF GENDER INEQUALITY. THIS ISSUE IS HAPPENING BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE  HAVE DIFFERENT MINDSETS AND TRADITIONS WHICH ARE SEXIST TO BOTH GENDERS.

I hope that you all know that this whole post is filled with an opinions of a girl with a huge ambition to change the world. I hope that you have all understood about how important gender equality is.

– The roybel

One thought on “Discussion#1: Gender equality

  1. Roybel,
    Glad you chose a topic that related to your life in your Indian homeland. I always feel that we Westerners take many of our rights for granted and are usually astonished that other countries in the world don’t think the same way.

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