The maze runner #1

Hey guys!!

This is the first chapter of my first ever fanfiction!!! It is based on The Maze Runner. Even if you have not read the books or seen the movie, you will quite enjoy reading it. But i suggest you to at least see the movie or read the first book, as that will make you understand my fanfic even more.

so here i give you, THE MAZE RUNNER. Enjoy. 😉


Chapter 1

Cold. Dark. Metal. She began her new life standing up in some sort of cold dark metal box. She stared at the darkness, trying to recall what had cost her to land up here. But, she couldn’t. Why can’t she? She thought with panic, who am I? Where am I? Why am I trapped in some sort of box??Why can’t I remember anything?!?!?

 She started screaming out loud, hoping someone would hear her and get her out of here,” Help! Help! Please, help!!! I’m stuck in a box!!! HELP!!!! She was on the verge of tears and out of nowhere, she thought,” My name is Ivy.” That’s it. Nothing else to let her know who she was or is.

Suddenly, the box thing started to move and made her land on the floor, and she groaned. Her hands fell upon some pile of clothes and adjusted it to make a pillow. And then, she laid down and sealed herself into the world of darkness.



After an hour or so, Ivy woke up from her deep slumber and realized that she still was in the box and screamed for all she could, her voice cracking as she started to cry.

“Please someone help me!!! I’m begging you!!! I’ll do anything, just let me out of here!!!!”

Then she hugged her knees to her chest and silently started to cry. After a minute, she heard a loud clank and looked up to see a thin line of light on the ceiling expanding ever so slowly. Ivy quickly wiped her tears away, figured that she might look stupid if people were there above.

After the ceiling was completely opened, she squinted her eyes to adjust the sudden wave of brightness and saw the strange human-like figures above her.

They all started to talk at once and fear squeezed her.

“What the klunk! Is that what I think it is??”

“It’s a girl”

“Welcome to downright klunk, greenie”

“What the shuck?!?”

“Its smells like klunk down there!!”

Ivy was hit with the pang of confusion, hints of fear here and there. The voices were quite odd with different accents, some echoing. She was familiar with the words they spoke but some were downright weird. If it was possible, she squinted her eyes even more and then, she saw people bending over the box, staring at her.

And as if something clicked inside her to focus her eyesight, she could see their faces. Boys. Younger and older boys. All of them. Most of her fear had melted away after realizing they were just teenagers. Probably and hopefully, not have any intention to hurt her.

Someone lowered down a rope. She stared at it for a minute, deciding whether to trust them or not. She decided to trust them for the time being. She stepped on the huge knot with her right foot and held on to the rope tightly. She left her left foot in the air while she was yanked up towards the ground above. Hands pulled her shirt and jeans and made her stand on the ground overlooking the box.

The chorus of voices grew silent and started at her with confused faces. Ivy felt she could cry, scream or even throw up any minute. Then, someone tapped at her shoulder and she turned back to look at a dark skinned guy who said the words she would thereby never forget.

“Nice to meet ya, shank.” he said. “Welcome to the glade, greenie.”



Ta-da! That is the first chapter. Chapter 2 will be posted in a few days. Hope you enjoy my fanfic.




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One thought on “The maze runner #1

  1. Hey Nikita315,
    OH MY GOSH PLEASE KEEP GOING. It’s AWESOME! I love your style of writing! And it’s so gripping, and there are so many questions! Are there any characters we know from any of the books? Is this the same thing, but with different characters? Or is this Group C, the group that the Gladers and the girls never found out about?
    Please continue!
    (And by the way, I’m continuing blogging this year – my blog link is here: )
    Also, thanks for always checking back to my blog and always being there 🙂

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